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Following 21 past Thermal Science and Technology Congresses successfully organized in national base, the 22 nd Congress will be organized internationally with the collaboration by Kocaeli University, Turkish Society of Thermal Science and Technology and ASHRAE Turkish Chapter.

The congress will provide a platform for researchers to present their latest research findings on the topics related with thermal science and technology. Consequently, the congress will cover topics such as generation, conversion and utilization of energy as well as its environmental effects. Moreover, green and sustainable energy systems, development of energy efficient, low cost and environmentally friendly thermal systems are dealt with. Novel research and development studies on thermal systems, applications of alternative energy technologies are also in the scope of the congress. The main aim of the congress is to share and exchange the latest research findings of scientists about innovative and advanced engineering applications of thermal science and technology by bringing together academic scientist and researchers from around the world.

Engineering Faculty

The Engineering Faculty of Kocaeli University is an educational and research institution located in the heart of the most developed industrial region of Turkey. It accomplishes a leading role in the education of engineering science for 43 years in the region.

Mechanical Engineering Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department of Kocaeli University was founded in 1976, while its graduate programs were established in 1993. The department has been carrying out research projects in many areas such as thermal science, automotive, refining, manufacturing and material science usually with the cooperation of industrial companie.

Kocaeli Province

Kocaeli is an industrial city located in Marmara region with a population of about 2 million. Recent research studies have found traces of civilization that lived around 3000 BC in the city, which was named as Nicomedia at that time. The density of population of the city, 520 people/km2 , is quite high due to employment opportunities in many industrial facilities located in the region. Marmara Region has also the highest rate of energy consumption in Turkey due to both dense population and industry. Machine manufacturing, automotive, refinery, paper, chemical and petrochemical productions are main industrial sectors in Kocaeli.

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